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Sewer Line Ownership, Responsibility and Repair

One of the most common misconceptions regarding wastewater infrastructure is that the utility provider will make the repairs and pay for the associated damages. However, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair the wastewater (sanitary sewer) service line that runs from their home or building to the City’s sewer mains in the street, as well any resulting damages.

Typical maintenance and repair issues include:

  • Blockage or backup – commonly caused by tree roots; fats, oils and grease; baby wipes or other paper products. Learn more about common causes and how to prevent blockages and backups. 
  • Infiltration – cracks in the pipe, allowing groundwater into the system.

Property owners are responsible for:

  • Maintenance and repairs to the wastewater/sewer service line from the sewer tap to the service address, as well as plumbing lines and services inside the building
  • Associated property damage
  • Locating the sewer service line/tap

Malaga County Water District is responsible for:

  • Maintenance and repairs to the wastewater/sewer main and manholes, as well as associated street and/or property damage
  • Responding to customer calls regarding sewer blockages by washing the main sewer line
  • Locating the sewer main