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Standard Specifications for Public Works

These are the Malaga County Water District Standard Specifications and Drawings for sewer and water facilities installed as part of the improvements required in subdivisions or other development work. By referral, these standards become a part of the the plans for any project in the Malaga County Water District. Measurement and payment provisions apply only to District projects. Complete sets and individual sheets are available for distribution. 

Whenever a material. article or piece of equipment is identified on the plans or in the specification by refernce to manufacturers' or vendors' names, model, or catalogue numbers, it is intended merely to establish a standard; and any material, article or equipment of other manufacturers and vendors which will perform adequately the duties imposed by the general design will be considered equally acceptable provided the material, article or equipment so proposed is, in the opinion of the District Engineer, of equal quality. substance and function. Contractor shall not install the item without written approval of the Engineer. 

Where certain equipment or articles of a particular brand or manufacturer have been previously installed or established as a standard item within a local area and this area is to be extended or enlarged upon, identical equipment shall be installed as a continuation of the established item. 

The "Standard Specification" of the State of California, Department of Transportation, are the basic reference. All work shall conform to the Standard Specification and these Malaga County Water Distict Standard Specifications. 

All public works and any work in the public right-of-way must be performed under a permit issued by Fresno County. All connections to Malaga County Water District facilities shall require prior approval and plans must be filed with the District. Work performed on Malaga County Water District facilities will be inspected by District personnel. 

Standard Specifications for Public Works_MCWD 1989.pdf