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IWS Prop 218

To comply with Proposition 218 (California Constitution Article Xlll D Section 6), the Malaga County Water District hereby gives the following Notice:

Date, time, location and purpose of Public Hearing: 

At 6:00 p.m. on October 25, 2016, at the Malaga County Water District (“District”) Boardroom located at the District office 3580 South Frank Street, Fresno, California 93725, The Board of Directors of the District (”Board”) will hold a Public Hearing on Proposed Increases in Rates for Solid and Green Waste Collection and Recycling Services provided by the District through a Franchise Agreement with Industrial Waste and Salvage (“IWS”) and to hear and consider objections and protests to the proposed increases, the basis for calculating those increases, the Report described in paragraph 3, and the reason(s) for the proposed rate increases.

Below you will find a PDF version of the Notice. Please download the file to learn more about the rate increase and to follow instructions if you wish to protest the waste rate increase.

IWS Prop 218 Notice.pdf